Investigation and Inquiry Office

Founded in May 1990 the team of the Beyer & Collegium Business- and Security Consulting GmbH have been assisting in carrying out justified legal cases.
College educated and well experienced employees have been working in solving the problems posed. Among them you will find specialists in different areas of forensic sciences, law and criminology. Practical knowledge in all areas of law is used to carry out the clients instructions.

The area covered by our Business- and Security Consulting GmbH includes the whole of Germany and a number of West and East European countries. We also work in Russia as well as other countries of the former Soviet Union, favourable conditions permitting a successful job.
One of the Managing Directors is member of the Federal Association of International Private Investigators / BID e. V.
Furthermore the Managing directors are member of the World Association of Detectives, Inc. / WAD and foreign member of the Association of Swiss Private Detectives (FSPD).

Investigators work in one of the primary aspects of our business. There has to be a complex application of classic means and methods in connection with modern technology and up-to-date knowledge of relevant branches of science:

  • Comprehensive personal inquiries (addresses, whereabouts, places of work, personal and professional developments, financial and family situations)
  • Solving industrial crimes (industrial espionage, sabotage, piracy, violations of the fair trading laws)
  • Inheritance inquiries / tracing heirs
  • Offences against property (theft, aiding  and abetting, receiving stolen goods)
  • Custody cases / family law
  • Property business / rent law
  • Damage to property
  • Insurance fraud
  • Art and antiques (forgery, falsification, authentication)
  • Authentication about credit cards (forgery, falsification)
  • Support in legal proceedings (provision of additional witness evidence and acquiring of supporting evidence)

Our Business- and Security Consulting takes on cases for expert witnesses, drawing up reports by
acknowledged specialists on handwriting, signatures and typing.
In addition we have scientists and university teachers available as consultants in different scientific areas (forensic medicine, biology, economics, chemistry, physics, electronics, financial experts etc).
The results of research, observation, inquiry etc. can be documented in whatever form required.

The second task in our business is to acquire financial information.

The third element in our business consists of investigations / inquiries in Russia, the Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet Union, which includes the following services (bodyguards, special protection of goods and private transport, individual and secure accommodation of business people, and further services).
Furthermore move we cover the following areas:

  • Private security (VIP-Security, advice, care)
  • Security technology (alarm systems, mechanics, video and audio technology, specialist technology, detecting bugging devices)
  • Trade security (protection of goods, private checks and use of technology)
  • Protection of goods
  • Protection of businesses

If you require more information regarding the individual branches of business, please ask for further details.